Life in SD Holdings

Workforce Diversity

At SD Holdings , we recognize that the talent and diversity of our people are the foundation of our success by experiencing organization growth along with personal growth in the environment where we are exposed to differences in culture, opinions and ideas.

Work-Life Balance

When an employee feels a great sense of control over his own lives and works, he tends to have good relationships with management, feels more motivated and less stressed out which thereby results helping increase company productivity and reduce the conflicts at the workplace.

Ant Awards Program

Every individual working at any level in SD Holdings is well recognized and awarded for their excellent performance. For that reason, the Ant Awards has been born since 2015 as the most practical action for this acknowledgment.

The Ant Awards is designed to reward the most outstanding employee of the year. By taking a pride in being the best, this inspirational award will motivate, inspire people to achieve their goals as well as encourage all to fulfill their potential skills.